Donation to Beautiful Together

Earlier this month I made a donation that made my heart feel good.  I was able to offer my services as a photographer to raise money for a non-profit 501c3 organization that benefits children waiting for families called Beautiful Together.  By donating all session fees and additional image purchases from headshot sessions I was able to donate $840 to Beautiful Together to use towards their current project in an orphanage in Ethiopia.  You can see some of my images of the awesome, beautiful people who donated to this great charity here!

Donation Portraits

You can follow along with the progress  happening right now as they are on site working to finish renovating the bathrooms and plumbing and replenish supplies at an orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  The next project here will be renovating and expanding the classroom, among many other needs that have come to light during this visit.  There are plans for projects in the US as well, such as creating videos of adoptable children for the Heart Gallery.

I really look forward to seeing all the good Beautiful Together will do in this world.  I would highly recommend making a tax-deductible donation to help them continue the amazing work they have started!  Believe me, it does a heart good!

Charity Headshots
Photography for Charity

Let me take a step back and talk about Beautiful Together.  My boss, Tamara Lackey, and her husband created this organization this year after witnessing the need first-hand in multiple settings.  They have three children and are currently working on their third adoption (second from Ethiopia.)  Tamara has also volunteered her services taking photographs of adoptable children here in the US among other service projects.  On their trip last summer to take their son back to visit the place of his birth, they visited another orphanage in Ethiopia to volunteer for a few days.  There they fell in love with another little boy that they are currently working to bring home.  But they also saw SO much need.  The bathrooms were cesspools, the tiny classroom was pitch black, and supplies were few and far between.  So, after deciding to create this much-needed charity organization, they knew their first project would tackle some of these issues.

Beautiful Together Orphanage Bathroom Renovation
Orphanage in Ethiopia