Hurricane Relief Ornaments

As Hurricane Florence was hitting NC, I was sitting in my studio in Durham, NC listening to the high winds and heavy rain, and making ornaments. I got in a great rhythm and made over 60 ornaments in one sitting (4 of each of my 16 shapes), which is definitely a record for me! Just as I was finishing my very last ornament, I realized I had made every single one with a texture that was different than my normal ornaments, which I’ve been making for years! The texture was similar but not the same, so it wouldn’t match the other ornaments I had. Then it dawned on me - this texture looked like it was the shape of a hurricane. These were, literally, my hurricane ornaments.

As news was coming in about the destruction from all over NC, but especially the coast, I knew this was my way to help out. I decided to make my hurricane ornaments limited editions with $5 of each ornament sold going to Hurricane Florence Response Fund set up by The Foundation for the Carolinas.

To date I have sold 54 out of 64 total ornaments! I have made a $200 donation and will be making the final donation as soon as the last 10 have sold (likely very soon with upcoming holiday shows). Please check out my Etsy shop to see what is available if you’re interested in supporting the cause!

handmade ornaments
hurricane relief ornaments