Spring in North Carolina - New Photography!

I have never been more happy for spring!  This was a tough, long winter, so the second things started to warm up and the flowers started appearing, I jumped at the chance to run outside with my camera.  I used my trusty macro lens on my Nikon and spent a few hours near my house in Durham as well as on the campus of UNC at Coker Arboretum in Chapel Hill, NC taking photographs. 

dogwood bloom nc

I think I have at least 500 close ups of cherry blossoms!  And the bees were an awesome bonus!  I feel like it's not often that you find the opportunity to get so many photographs of bees, but they were swarming the trees, so when one moved another was nearby.

I look forward to new blooms and sharing new nature photography throughout the spring!

black and white flower photo

red flower in coker arboretum
bee photograph
flower in durham nc