New Beginnings in 2018

2017.  It was a rough year all around for many.  But it's time to look forward to new beginnings in 2018. I love starting the year with a clean slate and taking the time for reflection about what really matters. The promise each new year brings is exciting and inspirational!

I've spent the last week organizing and cleaning my house to get ready for a year of big changes, new experiences, and lots of new artwork! I will be starting a new job early this year after almost eight (8!) years in the portrait photography industry. It's been an amazing time learning everything about running a small portrait photography business and I have come away with so much from my experience.  But there comes a time when a little change is needed to keep things fresh. 

This year I hope to have more time for myself to experience life and see the world from a new perspective.  And I plan to be more active about sharing it with you (yes, you!).  So be on the lookout for new artwork as I update my sites with my current work.  And, eventually, look for some brand new work that I hope to create with a different outlook and new energy focused on creativity!

Happy New Year!