The Big Snow 2018

We got 9 inches of snow in Durham, NC this week. NINE! As far as I can remember, the last time central NC got this much snow was about 30 years ago when I was 5 years old. I've lived just east of Charlotte and in the Triangle for my whole life and these are the only two occasions I remember more than 5-6 inches (and I confirmed with my parents also!). So suffice it to say, this was a very special occasion!


Despite being warm and cozy by my fireplace with two cuddly kitties, I convinced myself to walk down to the lake in my neighborhood with my camera once the snowfall died down just a little.  And, boy, was I so happy that I did.  The silence and stillness surrounding a big snow is just such a zen experience. Despite hating to be cold, the gorgeous views and 2 miles of exercise after sitting on the couch all day were well worth it!

Thankfully, the next day was gorgeous and sunny and I was able to take my camera out to my back yard and capture a few more beautiful snowy images. I am so in love with this serene series of my eucalyptus tree that was struggling to stay upright under the weight of NINE inches of snow!

This snow was so much fun! But can it be Spring now? (Apparently mother nature agrees because now, only a few days later, it is 60 degrees!)

These photos, along with the rest of my work, can be purchased in a variety of formats in my online shop.