Happy Mother's Day to All Mamas (of human or furry babies)!

As a woman of possible mothering age, every Mother's Day I get wished a happy day from at least one random person who doesn't know me.  And every Mother's Day for the past 11 years I've smiled, said thank you, and thought of my little fur children at home. 

My first baby, Indigo, who I got over 11.5 years ago as a tiny little 2 pound stray someone found on their car tire hiding from the rain.  He passed away in March and I will forever have a hole in my heart with him gone.

Little Indigo

Then my beautiful big Snowshoe Siamese, Neko, who I found as a tiny 2lb flea ball at Lee County Animal Shelter over 7.5 years ago. 

Baby Neko

Now I have the beautiful new little Luna, a one year old 7lb Russian Blue sweetheart that I got from Sparkle Cat Rescue last weekend, who was found outside of a McDonald's in Burlington at 10 months old.  Luna is an absolute doll.  She is scared to death of anything new and any quick movements, as strays often are, but after only a minute of coaxing she is out and the most loveable cuddlebug I've ever met!  She absolutely loves to rubbed, held, cuddled, paws held, etc and is much more confident in exploring if I'm right there with her.  We're still working on having her move out from under the desk full time, but just today she slowly walked into the living room, climbed up on the cat tree and is sitting watching me as I type.  Next, we need to get Neko on board as she is very interested in being buddies, but he's still hissing (albeit half-heartedly) if she gets too close.

Luna Cat
Sweet little Luna

Sweet little Luna

I am a very lucky cat mama to be able to share my home with such spunky, loveable kitties with such amazing personalities.  Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there who have known what it is to have a fur baby as well as those amazing mothers who have human babies as well!  To care for and love another living being and get love in return is the most wonderful feeling in the world!

Granville County Animal Shelter

Yesterday I was fortunate to be able to visit the Granville County Animal Shelter in Oxford, NC and take pictures of the beautiful adoptable pets there.  The staff and volunteers are wonderful people who have been trying their best to lower the euthanasia rate (now 80% down from 94%.)  Unfortunately the shelter is very understaffed and underfunded, and being at capacity at the very beginning of puppy and kitten season, everyone is worried about the coming months.